Small businesses with sustainable goals

In the following series we will introduce you to small entrepreneurs, who fought hard to take their business in a sustainable direction. We will share the visions, ideas and the struggles they faced when going against an industry of fast consumerism. Part 1 : RAHA Clothing Eisha Saleh is the founder and director of RAHAContinue reading “Small businesses with sustainable goals”

Moving Towards Sustainable Living

By sister Abigail Trumbo, American Muslimah wife, mother, and writer. A Layperson’s Perspective On Minimalism & Moving Towards Sustainable Living I can’t remember exactly when I started discovering minimalism, but I’m guessing it was around 2015, when it became “trendy.”  That was also around the time I started really trying to understand personal style, becauseContinue reading “Moving Towards Sustainable Living”

5 Reasons To Shop Pre-loved Clothes

When I used to work as a volunteer at Oxfam as a teenager, in nearby trendy Coventry Garden, London, I would marvel at the amount of good, quality clothes available to the public, at a fairly cheap price. Some items were new, in that the original price tags were still attached, while others had theContinue reading “5 Reasons To Shop Pre-loved Clothes”

We wan’t to share YOUR story

Have you done any changes in your life towards sustainable living? From thoughts to actions, anything counts and we would like to inspire others by sharing YOUR story. Please get in touch with us if you have topics, ideas, goals or failures which you would like to share as a guest blogger. If its yourContinue reading “We wan’t to share YOUR story”

What is Fast Fashion?

Solene Rauturier ( wrote this article explaining what Fast Fashion is, the impacts and how it started. Clothes shopping used to be an occasional event – something that happened a few times a year when the seasons changed, or we outgrew what we had. But about 20 years ago something changed. Clothes became cheaper, trendContinue reading “What is Fast Fashion?”

5 reasons to buy second hand

Environment: Textile production alone produces 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gasses every year. Dyes used produce toxic chemicals that pollute waterways. Microfibers make their way into drinking water and aquatic food chains just to mention some downsides. Consciousness: What are we passing on to our children? To be a part of a concerned and consciousContinue reading “5 reasons to buy second hand”

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