5 reasons to buy second hand

  1. Environment: Textile production alone produces 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gasses every year. Dyes used produce toxic chemicals that pollute waterways. Microfibers make their way into drinking water and aquatic food chains just to mention some downsides.
  2. Consciousness: What are we passing on to our children? To be a part of a concerned and conscious community who promote sustainable living, breaking down taboos and stigmas towards second hand clothing and recycling in general. All of this of course in style.
  3. Style: To find unique items. Re discover the faves that went out of stock and mix and match different seasons in new and cool ways. Buy quality that lasts.
  4. Health: Washed clothes contains less or none chemicals. Most clothes today goes through mainly two different types of treatments:
    • Antimicrobial treatments designed to make them mold– and mildew-resistant during their logistically protracted storage in warehouses and transport across the globe in shipping containers.
    • A variety of chemical treatments that endow value added properties such as wrinkle-resistant (iron-free/permanent press), stain resistant and/or flame-retardant.
  5. Economy: Be a smart consumer, buy less and better items and shop second hand when possible.

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